Apparel production in Bulgaria is continuously increasing. The country has been a member of the EU since 2007 and is an important link between Europe and Asia. After a number of scandals in several Asian textile industries (among them the collapse of the Rana Plaza factory with over 1000 deaths), an increasing number of fashion companies have moved their production to East Europe and particularly to Bulgaria. Unfortunately this does not mean that the working conditions are better there. The exploitation of female workers is a daily occurrence. Looking for example at the proportion of the lawful minimum wage to the minimum living wage (a wage that allows a worker to meet basic needs), Bulgaria comes last, even behind Bangladesh:


data origin: Public Eye / *minimum living wage according to Asia Floor Wage

As a result, many Bulgarian women do not have any real perspective to stay in their country. The west lures them with fast money and forces many of them into the hands of human traffickers and prostitution.

Out of this awareness, the vision of moya kala was born:

  • We want to spare young Bulgarian women from prostitution, by giving them a fair paid job opportunity in their home country.
  • We promote responsible economic activity, by producing sustainable and environmentally conscious apparel.
  • Our female customers not only get to wear comfortable, sustainably produced underwear, they get to be part of a movement, advocating for women’s dignity and promoting self-worth.

Become part of our vision, by buying our products with joy and wearing them with dignity.