Moya Kala stands for lingerie and loungewear that is produced ethically and with dignity – by women for women. 

We create puristic, esthetic and durable garments while focusing on quality, sustainability and fairness along the entire supply chain. Our mission: women with dignity appreciate women. #raisewomensdignity 

What this means is that we not only develop sustainable processes but also advocate responsibility/consideration for people and the environment within the textile supply chain. 

Exceptional/High Quality

Our products are timeless and versatile. That's how we increase their value and make sure you want to wear them over and over again. 

In addition, we use only the highest quality fabrics and put emphasis on premium workmanship. That’s how we make you fall in love with our products and turn them into favourite pieces you don't want to live without. 


For our collections, we only use innovative and sustainable fabrics to make sure we don't harm the environment ( .. we safeguard the …). This is why we primarily work with recycled fibres – after all it makes more sense to work with existing resources rather than producing new ones. 

Being part of the slow fashion movement, we mainly produce basics that are never out of stock but continuously expand our collections by incorporating new styles or colours. This approach enables us to avoid excess production (over production). 


We consider it crucial that every person working in the textile value chain is able to work under fair and socially acceptable conditions. That’s why we have partnered with a small family business that allows us to monitor existing working conditions on site and gives us direct access to the individual workers. 

One of the many problematic aspects with Fast Fashion is that many customers are not aware of what producing a garment actually costs. Please read our recent blog entry "who made my clothes" for more details. 

But Moya Kala is more than a label! We have a mission and that's to raise women's dignity. . #raisewomensdignity 

Moya Kala is the Bulgarian word for "my Calla lily". The Call Lily stands for elegance, minimalism and dignity. While it was mainly used in memorial services, it is nowadays present at weddings and expresses joy and happiness. And that's exactly what we want for all women: that they celebrate their own body and unfold their beauty.