women with dignity appreciate women.

Our products are being are being carefully crafted by a small family business in Varna, Bulgaria. The company has been producing garments since 1990 and currently employs around 20 seamstresses, all of which have been with the business for many years. One of the many reason being that the owners put a lot of emphasis on fair working conditions.

It is our personal concern that all these women can go about their jobs feeling appreciated and happy. Because in our view, the women who create our products are as important as the ones who wear them.

Varna Bulgarien

We try to be on site a couple of times per year in order to maintain a very close relationship/partnership with the owners. Due to these regular visits, we're in a position to ensure that the seamstresses are working under socially responsible and fair conditions.

We are very proud to have such a friendly yet professional collaboration with the company and jointly celebrate each other's success. It is clearly a partnership we will continue to invest in.

Moya Kala Produktion in Bulgarien
Moya Kala Produktion in Bulgarien