Made of silky materials and beautiful lace, our products are distinguishable by high quality standards and innovative materials. We use recycled and synthetically processed natural fibers as sustainability is of the utmost importance to us. We will not fully achieve the goal of utilizing only sustainable materials in our first collection. However, in our next collections we are striving to improve our produce bit by bit. It is very important to us to at all times be transparent and inform our customers about the source and processing of the materials we use. You will find this information in our lookbook:

Our first collection is made for women with bra cup sizes B to D, who not only desire high quality products, but also are searching for elegant lingerie that can be worn with pride and dignity. You may look forward to 10 aesthetically pleasing and easily paired pieces, that all have the potential of becoming the new favorite in your closet.

  • Three bras in different fittings
  • Three briefs in different styles
  • Shorts, a slip dress, leggings and a kimono

To raise the excitement level even more for further new favorites, we are diligently working on our collection of basic pieces made of Tencel. Don’t miss the sale’s starting point! Sign up for our newsletter today.